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This is the best time I've had since I nailed your mama in the back of your daddy's truck.

Every day is the same `ol same `ol for Caleb (Adrian Pasdar), until the night he met Mae. She lures him out into the Oklahoma night, and just before leaving him at dawn, she bites him. Yep, Mae's a vampire (not that they even use that word in the movie, now that I think of it.) When Caleb is grabbed up by her misfit "family," he is given a chance to join them. Near Dark (1987) is the story of these gypsy vampires and how they survive night in and night out. Jesse (Lance Henreiksen) and Diamondback are the leaders, with Severen (Bill Paxton), Homer and Mae rounding out the group. My favorite character is Severen, raucous, sneering, and wild.

The film has a lot of conflict, mostly around Caleb's choice between this new group and Mae, or the life with his father and sister. This is an Octoberween perennial favorite, and I give it an eight and a half.

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