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What an Odd Way To Go.

Today's film review is for Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland.  Again, Angela returns, played by the ever popular Pamela "Yes, It's Bruce's Sister" Springsteen (It's on the box, y'all.)  In a horrid rat's nest of a wig, she poses as the new counselor at Camp New Horizon.  Camp New Horizon is trying to put to rest all of the macabre history of the area, with the mad transsexual killing people and and all. 

An experiment in sharing

Legendary character actor Michael J. Pollard and Renee "Emilio & Charlie Sheen's Sister" Estevez lend their talents to this film.  Of course, with every other in the series you get your gratuitous nudity, laughable singing, interesting fashion, and even more inventive means of offing the campers.  Will everyone's favorite counselor take care of all of the bad seeds before her identity is known?  Hmm, you'll have to watch and see.  It was a pretty good series, which I was seeing for the first time.  I give this one a six as well.

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