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Okay a few good ones

First and foremost, "Citizen Kane"

It is tough to make an argument that this is not the greatest movie of all time. Great cast, great directing, groundbreaking camera work, good plot buuuttt I still don't think its the greatest of all time. Casablanca and Godfather 2 rate above it and here is why.

First, rewatchablility. Casablanca and GF2, I will watch at anytime, day or night. Kane, I would watch if a friend has not seen it.

Second, the plot. It leaves me hanging. The audience gets resolution but I feel empty because the other characters do not get it. Plus, parts of it are a little bland and I didn't particularly like Kane's second wife.

Next up, "One Flew Over the Cockoo's Nest"

What can I say, it swept everything in 1976, I believe. Best picture, best actor and actress and director and original story.

Jack Nicholson develops the character he uses in at least 80% of the rest of his movies. A badass who may be the only one with a sense in his head but everyone else is so crazy that they think he is the crazy one.

Hilarious movie. This is a movie I would consider buying.

Last but not least, "The Blues Brothers"

The only thing you need to know about this movie-"We're on a mission from Gawd"
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