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28 Days Later

In watching 28 Days Later, I felt anxious through the entire 113 minutes.  Most movies involving zombies were made up of slow, lumbering creatures.  I knew that this movie did not have those manageable zombies, no indeed.  28 Days Later has charging, snarling zombies.  You can only guess which kind I would rather face.  I know that I felt anxious, expecting something to happen at any moment.  It was a little disappointing that the action was not as continuous as expected.  There were some intense moments, mostly after you got past the parts where Cillian Murphy wanders around shouting “HELLO!!”  It must suck to find out you’re pretty much the only living human.  Of course, it’s not as unfortunate as finding out you are living among zombies.

I found this movie to be very suspenseful, with cool cinematography, a hearty cast, and a sufficient amount of gore.



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