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What the fuck you doin’ stealin’ boxes for? What, you tryin’ to build a clubhouse?

I posted this in my own journal, but feel that there are not enough postings in this group anymore, so I will contribute. I will be doing more reviews this weekend, to fill 'er up.

I am writing about Friday, one of my most beloved comedies. Back at 56 (a former residence/party spot/free-for-all space), we would ritually view this every Friday, then proceed to “get fucked up” as we “didn’t have shit to do.”

I think this is such a great movie, a comedy that urges you to think about friendships, loyalties, good times, dealing with adversities, parents bullshit, love interests, sibling relations, and the crazy people we involve ourselves with. Craig and Smokey “hash” out their problems, while trying to figure a way to avoid being dealt with by “Big Perm/Worm” over $200 that is owed to him by Smokey.

“What I can’t figure is, how you sell bud, when you smoke bud?”

I love the “hoochie-mama” Joy, as she reminds me (verbatim) of a friend of mine.

“Well, you tell that bitch, WHOEVER SHE IS, I’m gonna beat her azz!”

Verbatim. As if their own situation isn’t stressful enough, they have to content with the local bully, Deebo, whose pleasure it is to relieve you of all of your possessions. The funniest of these moments is the “beach cruiser” shared by he and Red.

“That’s my bike, bitch!”

“You got knocked the FUCK out!”

Craig’s father, a dog catcher, who later gets bit on the ass, but finds time early on in the day, in the bathroom of all places, to advise his son to go out and get a job.

“The word today is job.”

The day builds and builds, as the anxiety over being killed over $200 escalates. The movie wraps up so well, flashing to the “might have been” scenarios. You feel like all will be different for Craig and Smokey, as well as the other residents of their hood.

“And you KNOW this, man!”

If you haven't seen Friday, where have you been?
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